A sump pump can be an essential feature to your home. If your house has a crawlspace or a basement you definitely need a sump pump! Don’t wait until after a flood has hit to get this crucial device installed in your home. Using a sump pump makes sure that your building is able to stay dry and can reduce the possibility of water damage in the event of a flooding. A sump pump can last for as long as ten years or more so choosing the best sump pump possible for you home is crucial. Don’t drown in water damage bills or risk the possibility of flood damage that can dramatically reduce the value of your home or even worse be a nightmare for your insurance company. Avoid all of this inconvenience and be at ease even in severe weather by adding a sump pump to your home. Choose the perfect sump pump for your home from our all-inclusive buyer’s guide of some of the finest sump pumps available on the market today.

Best Sump Pump - Our Top Choices

Model GPH Horsepower Warranty Rating Current Price
Editor's Choice
3800 0.3 HP 3-year 9.8 Check Here
Liberty Pumps 257 3800 0.3 HP 3-year 9.6 Check Here
WAYNE WSS30V 4200 0.5 HP 3-year 9.5 Check Here
Meditool 1/2 HP 2115 0.5 HP 1-year 9.4 Check Here
Zoeller M53 2500 0.3 HP 3-year 9.2 Check Here
Liberty Pumps 287 4080 0.5 HP 3-year 9.2 Check Here
WAYNE CDU1000 5400 1 HP 5-year 9.0 Check Here
Superior Pump 92341 2760 0.3 HP 3-year 8.8 Check Here
WAYNE CDU980E 4600 0.75 HP 5-year 8.8 Check Here
Hydrofarm Active Aqua Submersible Water Pump 1000 - 1-year 8.5 Check Here

1. WAYNE CDU790 – Best American Made Sump Pump

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WAYNE creates a wide variety of sump pumps and is committed to producing pumps with the highest quality of parts possible. The WAYNE CDU790 comes with the option of having expert installation to ensure that your new pump sump works to the best of its availability. Tested to 1 million cycles and featuring high levels of suction capabilities, the WAYNE CDU790 is a proven, reliable sump pump choice.

  • Reliable and proven to have an average lifespan of approximately 1 million pump cycles
  • Easy installation by yourself or with a skilled professional
  • Praised for its low noise level
  • High quality for a low price.
  • Less expensive and lower quality than other more expensive choices
  • Some complained of deliveries with missing parts
  • Parts liable to rusting damage over time.

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2. Liberty Pump 257 – Best Cast Iron Water Pump

Liberty Pump 257
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This sump pump by Liberty is proven to be effective and easily dependable. It is made out of durable cast iron materials that are heavy duty and should be able to stand up against the elements over time. To increase the reliability of the pump, users ad the Liberty ALM-2 alarm system to serve as an alert in the event of emergency or malfunctioning.

  • Average lifespan of over 8 years
  • Made of durable stainless material
  • Easy to set up and get running
  • High quality stainless steel for a low price.
  • Magnetic lock switch has the potential to malfunction over time
  • Complaints of overheating
  • Some reviewers complained of factory errors
  • Heavy duty parts more expensive to replace in the event of an error or malfunction.

3. WAYNE WSS30V Pre-Assembled – Best Pre-Assembled Sump Pump

WAYNE WSS30V Pre-Assembled
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This pump by WAYNE is conveniently pre-assemble and therefore allows for very easy set up by owners and user of the device. This sump pump is an one of Amazon’s Choice product and has been getting steadily high reviews from users. The WAYNE brand produces sump pump with reliable materials that are sturdy and able to withstand severe amounts of water.

  • Amazon’s Choice product
  • High quality parts with expert design
  • Impressive 3,300 GH capabilities
  • Durable, reliable contruction.
  • Designed to suit larger water pumping uses; might not be suitable for a smaller basement or home
  • One of the more expensive sump pump.

4. Meditool 1/2 HP – Best Sump Pumps for a Low Price

Meditool 1/2 HP
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The sump pump by Meditool is a smaller sump pump that is not designed for continuous use but instead is better suited to various different odd jobs. With ease the Meditool sump pump can drain your swimming pool or help you empty your basement in the event of a flood. However, this sump pump will not be able to accommodate continuous use and does not have the same volume or drainage capabilities as some of the more industrial grade pumping choices.

  • One of the lowest price sump pump options
  • Comes in two different color choices for aesthetic purposes
  • Built to have a max GPH rate of 2115 and designed to last a long life.
  • Not designed for continuous use
  • More suited for small spaces that larger spaces
  • Made of thermoplastic rather than heavy duty metal.

5. Zoeller M53 – Best Cast Iron Sump Pump

Zoeller M53
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The Zoeller M53 is designed to be effective for a variety of different situations. The cast iron design is durable and is resistant to clogging. Whether you are hoping to use your pump at home or for a commercial purpose, the Zoeller M53 is sure to be able to effectively get the job done with its durable design.

  • High quality material that is durable and long-lasting
  • Built to work quietly
  • Easy to read instructions and accessible installation process.
  • Unreliable float switch performance
  • Lower GPM rating at 45 that other similar priced and sized choices
  • Limited warranty choices available.

6. Liberty Pumps 287 – Best Liberty Brand Sump Pump

Liberty Pumps 287
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The Liberty Pump stuns because of its adjustable features. It can accommodate both larger and smaller spaces because of its adjustable magnetic VMF switch. A quick disconnect power cord means that you can replace the cord in the event that it gets worn over time.

  • Offers 2 year warranty option
  • Reliable vertical float switch
  • Quiet and effective
  • Dependable design that won’t get worn out over time.
  • Heavier than other choices weighing at 29 pounds
  • More expensive choice
  • Only reaches 0.5 HP.

7. WAYNE CDU1000 – Best Submersible Sump Pump

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This cast iron sump pump by WAYNE features a vertical float switch that is integrated into its design. Stainless steel and cast iron materials ensure that the WAYNE CDU1000 can withstand heavy water damage and can be fully submersibed in water.

  • High maximum flow rate at 6,100 gallons per hour
  • Option of a 5 year warranty
  • Made of durable stainless steel and cast iron materials.
  • On and off switch has the potential to malfunction
  • Backup battery installation recommended to insure reliability of the device
  • Suited for larger basements and larger amounts of water.

8. Superior Pump 92341 – Best Superior Sump Pump

Superior Pump 92341
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The Superior Pump 92341 offers a vertical float switch option and features a cast iron design that can withstand the tests of time. With 1/3 horsepower capabilities, the pump can work at an impressive 46 gallons per minute despite its smaller size and lowered price tag compared to other models. Superior specializes in making quality pumps that are meant to withstand a great deal of use over time and the Superior Pump 92341 is no exception to this mission.

  • Easy to clean with a removable screen
  • Heat efficiency improved with a motor that is one piece
  • Features durable cooper wires
  • Failure of the pump prevented with dual seal technology.
  • Smaller than some of the pumps available on the market
  • Only capable of up to 0.33 horsepower
  • Potential for side discharge over time and extreme use.

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9. WAYNE CDU980E – Best of WAYNE Brand Sump Pump

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Another Amazon’s Choice product from the WAYNE company is the WAYNE CDU980E cast iron and stainless steel pump. The sump pump offers a durable design that can withstand heavy use and accommodate severe flooding at a reasonable pricetag. Like other WAYNE brand sump pump’s, this model is an American assembled with some of the finest materials around the globe.

  • Pump is easy to assemble and to use
  • Impeller is reinforced with glass and poly-carbonate that is resistant to abrasion
  • Cast iron is able to submerged underwater if necessary so the pump can withstand heavy water damage or emergency water disasters.
  • High quality comes with a cost - more expensive that other WAYNE models
  • Empties and runs quickly which can potentially limit the pumps lifespan
  • Small stones are susceptible to getting jammed into one of the many larger openings to the device.

10. Hydrofarm Active Aqua Submersible Water Pump – Best Hydrofarm Sump Pump

Hydrofarm Active Aqua Submersible Water Pump
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This water pump is not the same as the other sump pumps included on this list and instead meant for use in reservoirs of water such as a pond rather than continuous use in a basement. However, in the event of a water emergency or flooding situation, this pump can be used to prevent water damage and ensure that your basement stays as dry as possible.

  • Lowest cost of all sump pumps displayed
  • Can be used both inside and outside
  • Able to pump 1,000 gallons of water per hour
  • Safe for the environment and oil free.
  • Shorter available warranty at 1 year
  • Not as fine a quality of parts as the cast iron and stainless steel models available for purchase.

Things To Consider Before Buying a Sump Pump

Now that you have decided to buy a sump pump and have a good idea of what you want to find in a sump pump, you can start getting ready to make your purchase. As you search for the best sump pump possible, keep these factors in mind as you make your decision.

Choose The Best Model

There are four types of sump pumps to consider choosing from. There include a combination sump pump, a sewage pump, a primary sump pump, and a battery backup sump pump. When it comes to primary sump pumps, you can also choose from a pump that is submersible or instead choose a pedestal pump. Consider the needs of your home and your budget to be able to chose which one will be best suited for your basement or crawlspace.

Note: Sump pumps are best for homes with a sump basin. The basin will collect dirt for you.


If you are buying a new sump pump to replace an old one, make sure that both pumps have the same rating of HP. A pump that has more power will run less than a pump that has less power. Consider this into your budget because of the long-term cost of maintenance and upkeep.


In the event of a flood, you are going to need your sump pump! Don’t risk having to pay for the expenses that would come from having flood damage in your home. Choose a pump that offers a backup battery system so that it will be available to you under any circumstance and especially in the event of an emergency.

Choose a Pump That is Durable

Your pump needs to be able to withstand any emergency and years of wear and tear. When choosing your pump, also choose a good warranty to pair with it. Pick reliable materials when choosing your sump pump that will be able to withstand the tests of time.

Volume of Pump

Buying a pump with a rating that is too high isn’t always a good thing. An over-sized pump might be more like to short cycle. Its parts will wear away more quickly over time.

Float Switches

A great pump is only as great as its switching mechanism. The switch of your pump is what helps turn off and on the pump depending on the water level. The most common and most reliable switches are the tethered float switch and the hollow plastic float switch. The switch and senor most work in order for your sump pump to work effectively. Choose a switch that is more reliable to make sure your pump will be long-lasting.

Check the Pricetag

When buying a sump pump, you aren’t just buying a pump. What you are really buying is insurance of your basement staying dry and avoiding the costs of water damage or flood damage all the time. While you want to get a reasonable pump for a reasonable prize, be mindful of what you’re paying poor. A sump pump is an important investment when it comes to keeping your basement dry and free from water damage in the event of an emergency or a flood.

Best Sump Pump - The Final Say

At the end of the day, with our help guide we are sure that you will be able to find the best sump pump to suit your needs.

Remember what to look for and make sure that your sump pump will suit your needs. Consider what your budget and price point is. Be mindful of the needs of your family home and pick the best sump possible that will assist with this. Don’t settle for a low quality sump pump later because you will pay for it later in the event of a flood. Investing in a dependable and reliable sump pump will cost much less than the consequences of having to deal with severe water damage if a flood hits and you are not prepared.