Whether you are gardening or trying to clean your car, cleaning up the garden hose can turn into its own task. It can take a good deal of time to do, and there is always the chance of it becoming damaged if not stored properly. A good way to curb this is by using a garden hose reel.

The best garden hose reel will help keep your hose tidy and lasting a long time. So, it's necessary that you choose the right one to suit your needs. In this article, you'll discover seven of some of the top-rated garden hose reels on the market now as well as a buying guide to teach you more about these products.

Reviews of the Best Garden Hose Reels 2021

Below you'll find reviews of seven of some of the best garden hose reels currently on the market.

1. Eley/Rapid Reel Wall Mount – Best Heavy Duty Reel

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The Eley/Rapid Reel may be a good choice if you're looking for a heavy duty garden hose reel. It is primarily made of rust-proof aluminum with crush-proof brass fittings. For the plumbing, there are two components: a 6 ½ft polyurethane inlet hose and a brass and stainless steel swivel.

Assembly is required for this. The instructions may be a bit vague, but this does come with all the mounting hardware you need.

Although it has a good size to hold more than enough garden hose, it can appear to be bulky. This does not appear to be a hose if you're looking for something decorative.

Looks aside, the Eley / Rapid Reel, for the most part, is user-friendly. You may have to take some time when it comes to returning the hose to the reel though as it lacks a hose guide. This can potentially cause the hose to have a messier coil.

The manual winding crank to remove the hose from the reel though is straightforward and easy to use. There is also a brake feature to prevent it from free-spinning and may also grant you greater control. However, the brake seems to be made from plastic, so it doesn't feel as high in quality as the rest of the reel.

Though the reel is durable and built to last years, in the event something does break, the company offers a 10-year warranty.

  • Multiple ways to mount it
  • Good capacity/ability to add more.
  • Plastic brake feels low-quality
  • Assembly can be slightly difficult.

2. OliaDesign Deluxe Wall Mount Hose Hanger – Best Budget Reel

OliaDesign Deluxe Wall Mount Hose Hanger
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As other hose reels can easily exceed $100, the OliaDesign Deluxe Wall Mount is one of the best budget reels you can find on the market today. It is simplistic in design and small in size. In fact, it only weighs about 1.4lbs.

The reel doesn't exactly stand out, so it may not work well for fitting into any landscaping design. However, it is overall uncomplicated. There is no need for assembly beyond screwing it into position. However, the screws do not always come with the reel, so you might have to get them separately.

It can be seen as easy to use too considering that it takes no time and minimal effort to mount it. This does require you to learn how to stash the garden hose neatly though as there is no cranking mechanism. Because of that, it can take some time to return the hose to the reel without causing it to coil.

When it comes to the paint, it is a thick enamel coat that can fight off chipping. This can help improve the life of the reel. For some added safety, there is a lifetime warranty that comes with purchasing the reel.

  • Solid construction and enamel paint
  • Inexpensive.
  • Takes time to return hose to reel
  • Doesn't come with necessary mounting screws.

3. Liberty Garden Products Wall Mount Hose Reel 704 – Best Decorative Reel

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This wall-mounted reel is constructed using non-rust, cast aluminum. The plumbing fixtures are both aluminum and brass, while the finish is a long-lasting powder coat. All of the material is designed to be weather-resistant in order to hold up for a good amount of time.

The Liberty Garden Products Hose Reel can be seen as the best decorative reel thanks to its vintage-like design. This design choice may allow it to blend seamlessly with any other landscaping décor. There is also a top storage tray to fit other necessary items or even decorations.

You should be able to use this reel as soon as you get it home as it comes pre-assembled. All that is required to do is attach the handle and mount. In total, the reel is capable of holding about 125ft of a 5/8-in hose. There is also a 5-in leader hose to connect the water supply to the reel.

You can fix any issues that may arise by using the limited 1-year warranty from the company. No matter that, the Liberty Garden Products Hose Reel is a well-constructed reel. It can hold up to outside elements, properly store your hose all the while enhancing your garden or yard with its elegant appearance.

  • Quick setup
  • Appealing decorative design.
  • Loose hand crank
  • Potential to leak from lead hose

4. Strongway Wall Mount Garden Hose Reel – Best All-Around Reel

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The Strongway Wall Mount Garden Hose Reel is a heavy-duty, reliable reel constructed using powder-coated steel. The finish is corrosion-resistant too in order to help it resist damage and aging. Beyond the steel frame and powder finish, the reel features an aluminum wall-mounting arm.

The reel is designed to accommodate whoever uses it. To start, it comes with the brass fittings and mounting hardware needed. The reel can further be set up to be used with either your left or right hand.

For winding and unwinding, it is made with a solid welded handle. There's a spring loaded locking pin to keep it from unraveling on its own. The reel also features a 6ft inlet hose. This hose may split and kink when connect though, which can then lead to leaking.

Even with some flaws, this Strongway Wall Mount Reel is seen as one the best all-around reels. It has solid construction, can hold a good amount of hose, and it's even rated at 150 PSI. This means it can be used with any municipal water source.

  • Comes with all the mounting hardware
  • Powder-coated steel helps it last longer.
  • Inlet hose can kink and leak
  • May not hold as much hose as stated.

5. Liberty Garden Products 712 Multi-Directional Reel – Best Multi-Functional Reel

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With its unique features, the Liberty Garden Products Multi-Directional Reel can be noted as the best multi-functional reel. There is a storage container on top that can hold other nozzles and tools. The reel also has a 360º rotation. This can be accomplished if you pull up on the handle.

It can swivel and lock into eight various settings. In the beginning, you may have to go through a learning curve for the rotation. It is quick to understand though.

The reel says it should hold 125ft of a 5/8-in hose, but it only appears to get less than 100ft. There is a 5ft leader hose as well.

It is made from 18 gauge steel and has a durable bronze powder coat finish to try to fight weather damage. However, it may still have the potential to rust if left out in harsh conditions such as winter weather. Also, though the construction is meant to be strong, the reel can still feel slightly flimsy. It may be better for light use.

  • 360º swivel and lock rotation
  • Simple and fast setup.
  • Doesn't hold a lot of garden hose
  • Feels a tad bit flimsy.

6. Ames Poly Hose Cart – Best Basic Reel

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An inexpensive and straightforward reel, the Ames Poly Hose Cart is one of the best basic reels when compared to the higher priced, elaborate ones on the market. To begin with its construction, it is all-poly. By using a "smooth-side" design, it attempts to eliminate signs of ribbing.

When it comes to a garden hose, the Ames Poly Hose Cart is capable of holding roughly 175ft of a 5/8-in hose. This, coupled with the reel's size and weight, can make it an ideal product for occasional work around the yard or garden. The reel also comes with the required leader hose.

Concerning the leader hose though, it sometimes has the potential to leak around the connectors. This is due to the fact that it can kink up.

  • Budget-friendly
  • Lightweight.
  • Low-quality plastic
  • Trouble using the crank handle.

7. Liberty Garden Products 871-1 4-Wheel Reel Cart – Best Portable Reel

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With the ability to hold up to 250ft of a 5/8-in hose, the Liberty Garden Products 4-Wheel Cart can be a good reel to stash a larger garden hose. There is even a good sized storage basket so that you can stash additional tools, if needed.

This reel features 13 gauge steel construction a powder coat finish. Materials such as these are used to help make this more weather-resistant. It may still be able to rust, however. The construction should still allow it to hold up to some frequent use though.

(*green*) Liberty Garden Products 4-Wheel Reel Cart may be the best portable reel thanks to its simple, yet useful design. It features four, 10-in pneumatic tires. With their height, they may move easier over various types of terrain. The wheels are also high in quality so they won't fall apart easily. In general, this reel cart is easy enough to move around.

Though there is little trouble pushing and pulling this cart, it might roll away on its own as it lacks a brake feature. You may need to wedge it with an item or against the house to keep it in place.

The additional features include a 5-in leader hose, brass/galvanized fixtures, and a non-slip handle grip. It isn't a difficult reel to use, but the handle seems to sit low compared to other reels. Also, assembly is required for this, and the instructions could be clearer at times.

For safety purposes, it is made to have a low center of gravity to help fight tipping. Even so, there is the chance it may lean a bit considering not all four tires always touch the ground at the same time. If anything were to happen to the reel, the company does have a limited lifetime warranty.

  • Large capacity
  • Portable and easy to move.
  • Lacks any braking mechanism
  • Handle seems too low.

Things to Know Before Buying Garden Hose Reels

When you want to keep your garden house safely tucked away, it's important that you find the right kind of housing for it. If you are still unsure about selecting a hose reel, feel free to check out the following buying guide for additional information and tips.

Types of Garden Hose Reels

Garden hose reels are available in a variety of types:

  • Stationary hose reels are perhaps the most basic kind with a simple design. More often than not, they require manual rewind to return the hose to the reel;
  • Hideaway hose reels appear like a storage box to keep the garden hose out of sight. They can be either free-standing or wall-mounted;
  • Reel carts are hose reels in a cart-like design. Meaning, they can be wheeled around, and they frequently have additional features like storage compartments;
  • Spring-loaded hose reels come in a variety of appearances, and they're designed for rapid retraction of the hose;
  • Mobile/Portable hose reels are basic like stationary reels, but unlike the stationary kind, you can transport these easier. They usually feature rubber wheels and are designed like a hand truck or hand dolly;
  • Decorative hose reels are made to match different landscaping designs. As such, they're mainly used for aesthetic purposes when you want to leave your garden hose reel in your garden.

Wall-Mounted or Portable

Whether your garden hose reel is wall-mounted or not, it can serve its intended purpose. However, it can be beneficial for you in the long run to decide which type will fit your needs better.

A portable hose reel has obvious advantages as you can take it anywhere around your home. Before you buy one, however, it's a good idea to ensure that it's simple to cart around. It should be durable enough to withstand constant moving as well.

As for wall-mounted hose reels, they are good at keeping the garden hose permanently out of the way when not in use. They also help when you're using the hose in just one place.

Importance of Capacity

It's necessary to emphasize you should pay attention to size in terms of capacity. Having the wrong size of garden hose in comparison to the reel can limit the reel's performance.

A larger garden hose will require a hose reel with a greater capacity. On the other hand, you can buy a smaller, lighter reel for a garden hose with a short length.

Quality and Maintenance

The best garden hose reels are meant to last over a period of time, several years even. Try to search for hose reels that are weatherproof. As they are outside, they need to withstand various elements. Being rust and corrosion-resistant is useful as well in maintaining the overall quality of the reel.

More so, the materials used to make the reel need to be high in quality as well to limit any chipping of paint or pieces falling off. General upkeep and maintenance is a given for any equipment, but a reel shouldn't require much. It should be easy enough to care for such as making sure screws are tightened and it's kept clean.

Ease of Use

When you settle on a garden hose reel, another important factor to consider is whether or not you can actually use it. Meaning, it should be user-friendly.

Even if you have to go over the guide or check out some videos online, you should be able to understand the hose reel with next to know difficulty. In addition, if it's portable, it shouldn't be a burden to move. It's helpful if a wall-mounted one is sturdy and won't damage your home or whatever brackets you use.

Concerning the winding mechanism, you should be able to do it easily enough no matter if it's manual or automatic. A good motorized or spring-loaded reel is built durable to last just as a hand crank on a manual one should be.

Final Words

No matter what reels are rated highest, the best garden hose reel will be the one that will better serve your specific needs. From the capacity, to appearances, and even budget, deciding on a reel comes down to personal preference. We are certain though that these reviews and buying guide will lead you to making a decision that will benefit you in the long run.