Comparsion Table

Model Start/Run Wattage Noise Level Inverter Start Type Editor’s Rating
Westinghouse iGen2500
Check Price
2500/2200 52 dBA Recoil Start 8.6
Champion 100263
Check Price
3400/3100 59 dBA Electric Start 8.2
WEN 56310i-RV
Check Price
3100/2800 57 dBA Recoil Start 8.2
Champion 75537i
Check Price
3100/2800 58 dBA Electric Start, Remote Start 7.9
Yamaha EF2400iSHC
2400/2000 53 dBA Recoil Start 7.8
All Power America APG3012
3250/2500 68 dBA Recoil Start 6.7

#1. Westinghouse iGen2500 - Portable Inverter Generator 2,200 Rated Watts

Are you looking for a portable generator for your home power? Look no more the Westinghouse iGen2500 is now available to sort out your entire power problem. It’s ideal for your power need due to the fact that it’s small and lightweight for one person to move, considering has only 48 lbs.

Why prefer Westinghouse iGen2500

Easy portability: due to its lightweight design it makes the best power solution for camping, outdoor and tailgating.

Parallel compatibility: to double the watt produced, iGen 2500 has been designed to allow a parallel connection of two generators.

Clean power: for our home electronic safety, this generator produces clean power with less 3% THD this means all our sensitive electronics are safe when using its power.

Comes with LED data center: this unit is designed with rotating digital display which enables easy monitoring of fuel level, power output, remaining run time and voltage output.


The Westinghouse iGen 2500 will offer more power for less price.


Westinghouse iGen 2500 comes with three-year warranty and free lifetime technical support.

Westinghouse iGen2500 - Portable Inverter Generator 2,200 Rated Watts


  • Starting Wattage: 2500
  • Running Wattage: 2200
  • Noise Level from 23 ft.: 52 dBA
  • Inverter: yes
  • Start Type:  Recoil Start
  • Fuel Type:  Gasoline
  • CARB Compliant: CARB Compliant

Our grades

Noise 9.5
Efficiency 9.9
Reliability/Customer Satisfaction 8.6
Power to Price Ratio 6.8
8.6 Average rating
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  • With its clear control panel it is easier to monitor its internal functioning, no need to stops it’s running to check its parts
  • This unit designed to automatically adjust its speed to make only the amount of energy needed this increases fuel efficiency while limiting exhaust emissions and reducing the noise level during operation
  • Comes with 2 USB ports this enables easy powering of electronics such as phones
  • It is super quiet when operating
  • It is very reliable
  • Despite its low price, many users felt it would be ideal if this unit had an electrical start button instead of a manual recoil system to get the engine running
  • The start cord breaks easily, many customers have lamented of experiencing this when trying to start the generator
  • With its much praise on the fuel gauge, many users stated that the gauge does not work properly, leaving them with no option but to check the fuel manually

#2. Champion 100263 (3100 Watt) - Dual Fuel Generator with Elecrtric Start

Looking to hold a beach party or go camping this weekend? Well, do you have enough power to lighten up the evening? Presenting the Champion 3400, dual-fuel inverter generator. This portable inverter generator by Champion is an efficient and pocket-friendly source of emergency power. It is quiet and is easy to carry around.

Champion is known to manufacture versatile power generators. Plus the Cold start technology ensures that there are no difficulties in starting the generator during winters.

Features of Champion 3400

The Duel Fuel Power is described by:

  • Electric Start: the electric start feature increases the convenience and ease of use.
  • Quiet Operation: For a portable generator it is not too loud to hurt your ears.
  • Duel-Fuel: You can use it with gasoline or propane. It also has high fuel efficiency. The total runtime on gasoline is 7.5 hours.
  • Warranty & Support: A 3-year warranty and lifetime support service is provided with the purchase of Champion 3400.


The Champion 3400 has quick access which lets you control the generator with ease. The Low-Oil shut off sensor ensures the operational integrity and safety. It always holds 0.6 quarts of oil as a buffer.

The reliable engine generates 3400 watts of power when starting and it runs at 3100 watts. There are only a few other generators which produce less than 3% THD of clean electricity.


To end this review, the Champion 3400 is a good emergency or outdoor power source. It works with smart technology which decreases the noise emitted by adjusting the throttle along with providing adequate fuel efficiency. Honestly, getting easy power has not been so easy before.

Champion 100263 (3100 Watt) - Dual Fuel Generator with Elecrtric Start


  • Starting Wattage: 3400
  • Running Wattage: 3100
  • RV Ready Outlet: Yes
  • Noise Level from 23 ft.: 59 dBA
  • Inverter: yes
  • Start Type:  Electric Start
  • Fuel Type:  Gasoline, Propane
  • CARB Compliant: CARB Compliant

Our grades

Noise 8.9
Efficiency 7.5
Reliability/Customer Satisfaction 9.0
Power to Price Ratio 6.7
8.2 Average rating
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  • Fuel Efficient
  • Can handle high power load
  • Ultraquiet operation
  • Easy to operate
  • Enabled with power cold technology
  • It can use both gasoline or propane fuels
  • Eco-friendly and EPA Certified product
  • Electric Start
  • The battery may wear down quickly if it is not used regularly
  • Price

#3. WEN 56310i-RV Super Quiet Inverter Generator

WEN is well known for excellent quality power products since 1951. The WEN 56310i-RV Inverter Generator is another quality product, producing clean and quiet portable power when you need it the most.

The WEN 56310i-RV is a super quiet 3,100 Watt Inverter Generator. The 212 CC 4-stroke air-cooled OHV engine produces 2800 Watts of power with a peak of 3100 Watts. Using it in Economy Mode, it automatically switches sufficient power to your needs, whether your needs are camping, operating a food truck, or, simply having a back in case of an emergency.

Although the WEN 56310-RV produces a lot of power, it is also quiet, operating at only 57 decibels at a quarter load. It is totally portable and can provide power for such things as laptops, monitors, tablets, cellphones and many other electronic devices.

How long does it last with a full tank of gas? The 1.85 Gallon tank will last approximately 7.5 hours at half load.

Need more power? Buy two WEN 56310-RV’s and connect them together. How? Buy the WEN 56421 Parallel Connection Kit. This will allow the two units to share wattage.

Is it safe? Yes, not only does the WEN 56310-RV come with automatic protection for low oil and low fuel, but it also has overload protection for everything connected to the unit.

The WEN 56310i-RV Inverter Generator comes with a two-year warranty. On top of the warranty, WEN has a nationwide network of skilled professional technicians. Any questions or problems? Contact WEN’s very friendly helpline.

WEN 56310i-RV Super Quiet Inverter Generator


  • Starting Wattage: 3100
  • Running Wattage: 2800
  • RV Ready Outlet: Yes
  • Noise Level from 23 ft.: 57 dBA
  • Inverter: yes
  • Start Type:  Recoil Start
  • Fuel Type:  Gasoline
  • CARB Compliant: CARB Compliant

Our grades

Noise 7.0
Efficiency 8.5
Reliability/Customer Satisfaction 8.8
Power to Price Ratio 7.8
8.2 Average rating
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  • Produces clean and quiet power without power spikes
  • The 1.85 Gallon tank can contain enough gas for 7.5 hours at half load
  • Eco-Mode switch means plug and play with ease
  • Long lasting engine
  • Automatic protection for unit and connected devices
  • RV ready
  • Plastic outer is vulnerable to damage
  • At 81.4 pounds it is not light to lift

#4. Champion 2800 Watt Quiet Inverter Generator with Electric and Remote Start

Champion 3100-Watt RV is go to, ready portable Inverter Generator and is must have appliance every home should have. It is designed to deliver over 23 Amps which can run on single 30 amp outlet or be shared on double 20 outlets. Its peak power is 3100 watts while running watts is 2800 this simply means this generator can run most tools and devices in case of power outrage.

Why Champion 3100-Watt RV generator

It is easily portable; thanks to its smaller and lighter weight.

Its durable, it has iron casing, therefore, can withstand variety environmental condition.

It has wireless remote start, the Champion is fitted with a key fob which allows the user to start or stop it as far as 8o feet away. Is this not cool! Switching it on and off at the comfort of your sit.

It is quieter and more fuel efficient. Champion 3100-Watt RV generator is designed produces DC power which is converted to AC. The AC power is what is delivered to the equipment.


Champion 3100-Watt generator comes with 3 years limited warranty. All electrical and mechanical components are covered for 3 years while 270 days for when on commercial and industrial use.


The Champion 3100-Watt though new and less popular when compared to likes of Yamaha and Honda is an inverter generator to watch in near future. Cost and power output is amazing. Feel the real experience of less noisy inverter generator, live peacefully.

Champion 2800 Watt Quiet Inverter Generator with Electric and Remote Start


  • Starting Wattage: 3100
  • Running Wattage: 2800
  • RV Ready Outlet: Yes
  • Noise Level from 23 ft.: 58 dBA
  • Inverter: yes
  • Start Type:  Electric Start, Remote Start
  • Fuel Type:  Gasoline
  • CARB Compliant: CARB Compliant

Our grades

Noise 7.0
Efficiency 8.0
Reliability/Customer Satisfaction 8.8
Power to Price Ratio 6.5
7.9 Average rating
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  • It is fuel efficient, the Champion has economy mode switch which reduces the electrical load, therefore, better fuel use
  • Reliable and Durable
  • It is safer, this inverter produces clean power less than 3% THD, and therefore, all sensitive electronics can be operated
  • It has a flip handle for easy transport
  • RV Ready
  • The inverter is easy to use
  • Relatively quiet operation
  • The ways the wheels are designed restrict the carrying angle
  • It does not have a gas drain, it must be siphoned out
  • A bit heavy

#5. Yamaha EF2400iSHC (2,000 Watt) - Quiet Inverter Generator with CARB

Yamaha just like any other old electronic manufacturer has faced the test of time. Yamaha EF2400iSHC inverter generator is heavy duty with an ability to produce 2400 watt, it is also easy to use and can be used in most large power consumption garget in our homes such as refrigerator and several small appliances with small wattage demand.

Why Yamaha EF2400iSHC

Durable engine: its features cast iron cylinder liner this ensures the engine last longer. Also, the casting is made of aluminum this ensures it’s not damaged due to rough manhandling.

Easy portability: with a weight of about 75 pounds it easily enables the easy carriage. This lightweight can be attributed to the aluminum die-cast frame.

Easy fuel monitoring: it has fuel gauge, this enables monitoring of fuel level which in turn prevent surprise shutdown due to low fuel.

Environmentally friendly: ranked highly by EPA and CARB for clean emission engine, it uses gas and not oil this meant minimum environmental pollution.


Cheap is expensive, this Yamaha EF2400iSHC is all you need for your power problem.


Yamaha fully backs their generators with a 3-year limited warranty that protects against any defect in material or workmanship.

Yamaha EF2400iSHC (2,000 Watt) - Quiet Inverter Generator with CARB


  • Starting Wattage: 2400
  • Running Wattage: 2000
  • Noise Level from 23 ft.: 53 dBA
  • Inverter: yes
  • Start Type:  Recoil Start
  • Fuel Type:  Gasoline
  • CARB Compliant: CARB Compliant

Our grades

Noise 9.3
Efficiency 7.0
Reliability/Customer Satisfaction 9.2
Power to Price Ratio 6.0
7.8 Average rating
  • It's very quiet thank to the Smart Throttle features which automatically adjust engine speed to match the load
  • It is small, lightweight therefore easy to carry
  • It has the Oil Watch Warning System which helps prevent engine damage from low oil
  • It can efficiently and safely run high-quality air conditioners and sensitive electronic gadgets
  • It will run for at least 9 hours if the load is light before it requires refilling
  • It operates quietly with a noise level rating of 53-58 DBA
  • It has quality and solidly built engine, fuel lines, engine mounts, and fittings
  • This generator model is expensive both online and in stores
  • This can be picked up and moved to short distances this is not as light as many will expect
  • Does not allow remote starting

#6. All Power America APG3012 Lightweight Portable Generator

All Power America APG 3012 gas powered generator is a new player product in the market. It has the ability to produce 3250 Watt peak power while continuously running at 2500 Watt. This generator provides 6.5 horsepower thank to its 4 strokes OHV air-cooled motor.

Why All Power America APG3012 gas powered generator

Easy fuel monitoring: this unit has a capacity of holding 4-gallon fuel tank, attached also is a fuel gauge to monitor fuel consumption.

Longer running time: At only 50 percentages this unit can run for cool 8 hours while using light appliances.

Reduced vibration: this unit is fitted with rubber mounts this enable reduction of vibration.


Although All Power America APG 3012 gas powered generator is a new and less popular product in the market it is gaining ground significantly in recent days. It’s hoped in the near future with little modification to meet carb compliant which will translate to increased market.


All Power America APG3012 is covered for a limited period, 1 year for consumer while 90 days for the commercial user.

All Power America APG3012 Lightweight Portable Generator


  • Starting Wattage: 3250
  • Running Wattage: 2500
  • Noise Level from 23 ft.: 68 dBA
  • Inverter: no
  • Start Type:  Recoil Start
  • Fuel Type:  Gasoline

Our grades

Noise 4.0
Efficiency 6.0
Reliability/Customer Satisfaction 7.6
Power to Price Ratio 9.3
6.7 Average rating
  • At only half load the unit can give longer hours of more than 9 continues hour of use
  • This unit is small, lightweight and easy to carry around best for tailgating and camping
  • No assembly required just purchase and direct use
  • It works very well in light use situation such as camping and powering a few home appliances
  • Good Price to Power Ratio
  • APG3012 3,250 Watt Generator lacks wheels this reduces comfort of mobility. This means two people are required to move it around
  • This unit is very noisy and it goes above its advertised 65 Decibel noise level at this level the noise level would be nuisance to the neighbor
  • It lacks 240v of L14 receptacle
  • Many user of this unit have lamented 1 years warrant is a very short period