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Pulsar G12KBN - Best-Rated
Great for using on the job or providing emergency backup power around the house. This unit comes equipped with a 50-amp outlet and with a reliable champion 459 cc engine... Read Verified Customer Reviews

Comparsion Table

Model Start/Run Wattage Noise Level Inverter Start Type Editor’s Rating
Pulsar G12KBN
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12000/9500 74 dBA Electric Start, Recoil Start 8.8
Pulsar PG5250B
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5250/4250 72 dBA Recoil Start 7.8
Pulsar PG2200BiS
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2200/1800 60 dBA Recoil Start 7.5
Pulsar PG1202S
1200/900 65 dBA Recoil Start 6.8

#1. Pulsar G12KBN - 9,500 Running Watts Dual Fuel Generator

Introducing Pulsar G12KBN 9500-watt electric start generator. Great for using on the job or providing emergency backup power around the house. This unit comes equipped with a 50-amp outlet and with a reliable champion 459 cc engine. This unit is powerful enough to run everything you need in your home during a power outage.

What is in the Package?

Included: oil funnel, spark plug wrench, two handles, combination wrench, screwdriver, wheel kit, single stage propane regulator with hose, manual, and warranty card. The generator is shipped without gasoline and engine oil.

The Pulsar 9500W engine is 15 horses and runs at 3,600 RPMs. It can produce both 120 and 240V, which makes it perfect for both commercial and residential applications.

The Pulsar G12KBN produces 12,000 peak watts/9,500 rated watts (gasoline) and 10,800 peak watts/8,550 rated watts (propane). It's a dual fuel, which means you can run it with both propane and gasoline. This generator comes with low oil shut-off as well.

What Appliances Can Be Connected?

The Pulsar G12KBN can power the following common applications (not all applications can be powered simultaneously):

  • Construction Sites: air compressor (1,500 watts), hand drill (600 watts), circular saw (1,500 watts), battery charger 15A (500 watts), chain saw 2HP (1,100 watts), jig saw (500 watts), belt sander (1,200 watts), floodlight (1,000 watts) or welder (8,000-9,000 watts)
  • House: home air conditioner (2,000 watts), dehumidifier (300 watts), washing machine (1,000 watts), clothes dryer (3,000 watts), lighting (200 watts), hair blow dryer (1,300 watts), electric iron (1,500 watts)
  • Kitchen: refrigerator (1,000 watts), electric kettle (2,000 watts), dishwasher (1,400 watts), electric oven (3,000 watts), electric pressure cooker (800 watts), food blender (700 watts), kitchen extractor fan (200 watts)
  • RV: lighting (50 watts), oven (3,000 watts), water pump (100 watts), water heater (1,400 watts), washer (1,000 watts), dryer (1,500 watts), air conditioner 15,000 BTU (1,500 watts)

On a full 8-gallon fuel tank, it can run about 12 hours at 50 percent capacity. As far as its run time using propane, there is little to no information on that. The Pulsar G12KBN dual fuel generator comes with an easy-to-use electric start, so no pulling is needed.

This is a very heavy portable unit weighing in at 209 pounds dry. But it does come with two large wheels for moving it around. Despite its size, it runs with less noise than some of the other models (74Db). And as expected, the Pulsar is CARB and EPA compliant.

Pulsar G12KBN - 9,500 Running Watts Dual Fuel Generator


  • Starting Wattage: 12000
  • Running Wattage: 9500
  • Noise Level from 23 ft.: 74 dBA
  • Inverter: no
  • Start Type:  Electric Start, Recoil Start
  • Fuel Type:  Gasoline, Propane
  • CARB Compliant: CARB Compliant

Our grades

Noise 7.8
Efficiency 9.8
Reliability/Customer Satisfaction 9.0
Power to Price Ratio 9.0
8.8 Average rating
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  • Four types of outlets
  • 120/240V
  • Good design
  • Dual Fuel (gasoline and propane)
  • Electric start
  • Fuel efficiency
  • Current overload breakers and low oil shut off
  • Comparatively light for its power
  • High run time
  • Having wheels to move
  • No remote start
  • Open frame
  • Plastic wheels
  • One year warranty

#2. Pulsar PG5250B Review - Best 4,000 Running Watts Dual Fuel Generator

The Pulsar PG5250B dual fuel portable generator is a device that can be relied upon to come in handy if a natural disaster which seizes power for a fairly short while takes place. Although you can rely on this device to be of help if there is a natural disaster, it can do a lot more. The Pulsar PG5250B generator can be used to stay out of the dark in outdoor events and also while you go camping.

This generator can run on two types of fuel. You can decide to power it with the use of liquid propane or with the use of gasoline. Although a portable generator, the Pulsar PG5250B generator can be trusted to conveniently power big electrical appliances.

The amazing thing about this generator is you can make use of whatever fuel source you so desire anytime you want. You can switch from one fuel source to another while the generator is on without it going off. This is pretty amazing, right?

The Pulsar PG520B has a long-lasting steel frame and sturdy wheel which make it very easy to move it around without the fear of anything getting spoilt.

So, if you reside in a part of town that is prone to natural disasters, this generator can go a long way in saving the day.

Pulsar PG5250B Review - Best 4,000 Running Watts Dual Fuel Generator


  • Starting Wattage: 5250
  • Running Wattage: 4250
  • RV Ready Outlet: Yes
  • Noise Level from 23 ft.: 72 dBA
  • Inverter: no
  • Start Type:  Recoil Start
  • Fuel Type:  Gasoline, Propane

Our grades

Noise 5.5
Efficiency 9.0
Reliability/Customer Satisfaction 8.4
Power to Price Ratio 8.8
7.8 Average rating
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  • This generator is very economical
  • It can be put together very easily
  • It is very inexpensive
  • RV ready
  • Dual fuel capability
  • Reliable and Durable
  • The noise level is a bit too high
  • Sometimes there are issues with its electric start. When this happens, you might have to go through the pain of making use of its manual start
  • The power that is produced by this generator is not absolutely clean
  • Not CARB compliant

#3. Pulsar PG2200BiS - 2,200 Watt Dual Fuel Inverter Generator

The Pulsar PG2200BiS generator is a generator that has a reputation for being convenient and versatile. It is a fuel inverter generator that has a lightweight and compact design. This, therefore, makes it ideal for tailgating, camping, as well as other recreational activities that take place outdoors and require a generator to run smoothly.

This generator comes with a USB port which makes it easy to enjoy clean and safe electricity that is ideal for powering electronics that are known to be sensitive.

It also comes with the alternative of two different fuels. You can decide to fuel it with the use of gasoline or make use of liquid propane fuel.

That’s not all, the Pulsar PG2200BiS generator can be kept as close as 10 feet to the house because it makes use of Quiet Inverter technology.

As the owner of this generator, you can make use of it for a straight eight hours without having to turn it off for refueling.

The Pulsar PG2200BiS is a generator that is perfectly suitable for individuals that are making plans to go camping. The reason for this is while camping, you will be moving with quite a number of equipment which might make you a little heavy. This can be worsened by having to move from place to place with the extra load a generator will be.

However, if you are able to have access to light and effective source of energy such as Pulsar PG2200BiS, you won’t have to worry about moving about with so much extra weight.

Pulsar PG2200BiS - 2,200 Watt Dual Fuel Inverter Generator


  • Starting Wattage: 2200
  • Running Wattage: 1800
  • Noise Level from 23 ft.: 60 dBA
  • Inverter: yes
  • Start Type:  Recoil Start
  • Fuel Type:  Gasoline, Propane
  • CARB Compliant: CARB Compliant

Our grades

Noise 5.2
Efficiency 9.5
Reliability/Customer Satisfaction 8.0
Power to Price Ratio 6.9
7.5 Average rating
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  • It is very portable
  • Good fuel efficiency
  • Set up is pretty easy
  • Feature USB outlet
  • Dual fuel capability
  • Parallel Compatibility
  • Not particularly silent in functionality
  • This does not start very easily when it is run on propane. Due to this, it might not be a very ideal device for people that are advancing in age

#4. Pulsar PG1202S Portable Generator

Do you need a generator that can be used to provide you with electricity but is not ready to spend a lot of money? Do you take part in outdoor activities regularly? Will you be going on camping soon? If you answered yes to all these questions or even just one of them, you might want to purchase a Pulsar PG1202S generator.

This generator is compact, durable, and can be trusted to provide you with energy when you are in a camp far away from home. This generator is not only durable, but it is also one that does not need a lot of fuel to run for a long time. When it is loaded halfway, the Pulsar PG1202S can run continuously for five hours. It has a single 12V DC output and two 120Voutlets which ensure there is enough space for devices and tools that need to be powered.

This generator can be used to power basic DIY projects and comes with a one year warranty. That’s not all, it is convenient and portable and will, therefore, not be stressful in moving from one point to another.

Although you can trust this portable generator to provide you with value for your money. To really enjoy it, you will need to have an understanding of how it functions and also know how to maintain it.

Pulsar PG1202S Portable Generator


  • Starting Wattage: 1200
  • Running Wattage: 900
  • Noise Level from 23 ft.: 65 dBA
  • Inverter: no
  • Start Type:  Recoil Start
  • Fuel Type:  Gasoline
  • CARB Compliant: CARB Compliant

Our grades

Noise 4.8
Efficiency 6.5
Reliability/Customer Satisfaction 7.4
Power to Price Ratio 8.2
6.8 Average rating
  • It is very inexpensive
  • EPA certified and CARB compliant in 50 states
  • This generator offers you good value for your money. Once paid for, you can be almost certain you will not be buying another generator anytime soon
  • This generator does not cause so much to maintain. Its spark plug can last as long as one year without having any form of issues
  • This generator cannot be used to power lots of shops lights, a scroll saw, a heavy duty drill at once very easily
  • Noise level is a bit more than its competitor models