Comparsion Table

Model Start/Run Wattage Propane Start/Run Emissions Start Type Editor’s Rating
Champion 8.5-kW Home Standby Generator
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0/0 0/8500 EPA, CARB Electric Start 8.6
Firman H08051 Dual Fuel
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10000/8000 9050/7250 EPA, CARB Recoil Start 8.1
All Power America APGG10000GL
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10000/8000 8500/7000 EPA Recoil Start 7.9

#1. Champion 8.5-kW Home Standby Generator Review

Living in area frequented by power blackout due to natural disasters can be very frustrating especially if the area is very cold. To avoid this Champion 8.5-kW Home Standby Generator is comes hardy to sort out all your power problems.

The unit is designed in a way that it can operate under any condition talk of sub-zero temperature or even extreme heat. The unit is totally automatic and is the quietest in class this means you do not wake up the neighbors when it goes on in the middle of the night.

Why Champion 8.5-kW Home standby generator

Reliable: this unit can operate in sub-zero or extreme heat (between -22° F and 104° F) with no warming kit necessary, plus the generator performs weekly self-diagnostic tests this makes it most reliable home standby generator.

Extremely powerful: when using propane as fuel it has the ability to provide 8500 watts continuous power while when using natural gas it produces 7500 watts these is enough to power any device.

Dual fuel technology: this generator engine is designed to runs using natural gas or propane; hence, the user has the option of choice on the fuel to use based on financial capability.

Clean power: our equipment safety is paramount, this generator produces clean power with less than 5% total harmonic distortion (THD) this mean all our sensitive electronics such as TVs, Laptops, and smartphones can be connected.


Easy to assemble, and easy to use. Great product buys at a great price!


Champion 8.5-kW Home standby generator has a 10-year limited warranty.

Champion 8.5-kW Home Standby Generator Review


  • Propane Running Watts: 8500
  • Natural Gas Running Watts: 7500
  • Noise Level from 23 ft.: 59 dBA
  • Inverter: no
  • Start Type:  Electric Start
  • Fuel Type:  Natural Gas, Propane
  • CARB Compliant: CARB Compliant

Our grades

Noise 9.9
Efficiency 0.0
Reliability/Customer Satisfaction 9.4
Power to Price Ratio 7.5
8.6 Average rating
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  • This unit is not very large and is very quiet as compared to outside (open) generators, its noise level is about 59.5 dBA
  • Champion support includes 10-year limited warranty
  • Easy to start, in case of power blackout it starts automatically
  • Reliable and durable (the most reliable backup generator)
  • EPA certified and CARB compliant in 50 states
  • This unit has no wheels which is a really big challenge when users want to transfer it to another place
  • Some users have complained that this unit vibrates a lot

#2. Firman H08051 Dual Fuel Generator - 10000 Starting Watts/8000 Runninf Watts

Generator are devices that convert mechanical energy into electrical energy and allows electric current to pass through an external circuit.

Firman produces generator of different sizes and of different capacities. This generator is produced with customer desires in mind and its offers low to high power capacity that makes them suitable for residential buildings, small commercial business and also large industry. This device also has a low power soundproof models that makes it a good assets for residential areas. If you need a low power soundproof diesel generator and a high power generators up to 2000KVA, firman might be a great option for you.

This device also has a volt lock automatic voltage regulator that ensures clean, consistent power output from the firman power stream alternator.

The firman HO8051 generator has an outstanding 10,000 starting watts and 8,000 running watts and while on propane, the starting and running power are 9050 and 7250 respectively. The power is supplied by Max pro series 439cc firman engine which runs cool and efficient thanks to its phoenix fat head block.

Is this device highly recommended?

Yes it is and this because the firman HO8051 design is excellent and it has a firman OHV engine which supports longer life and maintenance. Not only that, this device has an extended propane regulator and also has the largest fuel tank with an extensive run time compared to other firman generator. It also possess a quiet muffler that makes it suitable for residential areas.

Firman H08051 Dual Fuel Generator - 10000 Starting Watts/8000 Runninf Watts


  • Starting Wattage: 10000
  • Running Wattage: 8000
  • Noise Level from 23 ft.: 74 dBA
  • Inverter: no
  • Start Type:  Recoil Start
  • Fuel Type:  Gasoline, Propane
  • CARB Compliant: CARB Compliant

Our grades

Noise 5.9
Efficiency 9.0
Reliability/Customer Satisfaction 9.3
Power to Price Ratio 8.5
8.1 Average rating
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  • Very portable
  • Dual fuel versatility
  • No hassle, very easy to use
  • Good Fuel Efficiency
  • Well-designed padded handle
  • High power, up to 12 hours of power
  • Push button electric start (battery included)
  • Circuit breaker protection
  • Expensive
  • Noise level is a bit more than its competitor models

#3. All Power America APGG10000GL Dual Fuel Generator (Gasoline+Propane)

Today, the dual fuel generators on sale present operators with versatile capabilities as the best-value options to use at home, or at jobsites, as electricity backups. So, if you are looking for the answer to your home’s power backup plan, the All Power America APGG10000GL might be worth a look.

At a glance, the APGG10000GL is made up of a durable steel framework with two large wheels at the bottom – designed to be powerful with dual-fuel capability. But as the rule stipulates, it’s wise for you to do some due diligence before buying any machine. Let’s have a look at why this All Power America model might be a good buy for your home.

What is in the Package?

Here’s what the manufacturer includes in the packaging:

  • All Power America APGG10000GL Dual Fuel Generator
  • Battery (for electric start)
  • Wheel Kit (never-flat tires + flip-up handle)
  • Maintenance Tool Kit
  • User Manual

Operation & Ease of Use

For those that are experienced generator operators, you’ll find the APGG10000GL relatively user friendly. The manufacturer strapped an electric start button to it for you to start it with ease. In the case that the battery is low, you can also use the backup standard recoil starter to start the engine.

This model is EPA-certified and has four AC duplex 120V receptacles, one 120V/240V twist-lock receptacle, one 120V twist-lock receptacle, and one 12V DC receptacle.

You don’t have to worry about moving this power house around because of its flip-up, slip-free handles and large, never-flat wheels; allow the operator to carry it around effortlessly and hassle-free.

Noise Level & Power

Weighing in at about 229lbs, the APGG10000GL measures about 28 inches long, 23 inches wide, and 19 inches high. With a fuel capacity of about 8 gallons and dual fuel capability, you can either prefer to run it on propane or gasoline.

When running it on gasoline, it yields 8000 running watts and 10000 surge watts, whereas it presents 7000 running watts and 8500 surge watts when running on propane.

Evidently, its powerful 4200cc, 15HP, 4-stroke, OHV, air-cooled engine can run for about 11hrs at only 50% load. Even though this generator doesn’t come with an automatic low-oil shutdown function, it will surely stop the fuel from flowing through the unit when its engine isn’t running.

What’s more? There’s an hour meter on the front panel and the generator has a muffler that ensures that it reduces the noise to about 76dB for a relatively silent functionality.

Verdict: Should You Buy It?

All things considered, the All Power America APGG10000GL is a durable and powerful model. It provides you with compatibility to various outlets for powering your multiple appliances concurrently without worrying about overloading this power house.

Plus, its dual fuel capability just might be the reason why the APGG10000GL is the best backup generator on the market for your home. In fact, the DuroMax Hybrid Dual Fuel XP12000EH is one of the other few models that reflect comparable levels of power, functionality, and value!

Do you have experience with this generator? What are your thoughts or tips? Please take a moment to let us know in the comments!

All Power America APGG10000GL Dual Fuel Generator (Gasoline+Propane)


  • Starting Wattage: 10000
  • Running Wattage: 8000
  • Noise Level from 23 ft.: 76 dBA
  • Inverter: no
  • Start Type:  Recoil Start
  • Fuel Type:  Gasoline, Propane

Our grades

Noise 5.0
Efficiency 8.5
Reliability/Customer Satisfaction 9.5
Power to Price Ratio 9.0
7.9 Average rating
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  • Strong and powerful
  • Electric and standard recoil start
  • Compatible to various outlets
  • Large fuel capacity
  • Very reliable
  • Folding Handle & Wheels
  • Good Price to Power Ratio
  • Louder than average 10kW generator
  • Some of the concerns that customers express are that this generator doesn’t come with a voltmeter and that its low oil shutdown function isn’t automated